Missy and kittens, for adoption (Jumarie Raubenheimer’s)

From Jumarie:


Hi there

Seven months ago my husband and I arrived in this wonderful city of
yours.  We were so awestruck at the modernity and all the shopping
malls!  We moved into a Guest House here in Taman Seputeh for a few
weeks, just to find our feet before we venture off into other Asian
countries. (We are still here)!

At the nearby commuter station (Seputeh), we found a young cat in a
bad shape.  Her owner abandoned her on the nearby rubbish dump.  She
looked starving, ill and in desperate need of someone to help her
survive.  That’s when we stepped in (as cat lovers) and started
feeding her.  She took a long time to trust us, but when she finally
let go and accepted our love, she totally changed into this amazing
feline.  She is absolutely gorgeous, with her red and black fur coat,
her three white circles at the tip of her tail and her yellow eyes are
amazing to look at.  Quite frankly, we have never seen such a
good-looking cat.

Gradually, Missy (that’s her name now) changed into a young adult
and it wasn’t long before she took a husband.  This husband, a
big-boned black cat comes strolling along, announcing his presence far
earlier than he would arrive.  He has a loud voice that seems to
command respect.  Missy fell for him straight away.  She knew that if
ever there was a fellow that could give her perfect children, then it
would be loud-mouth black cat!

Missy lives around the station, not getting into anyone’s way; she
catches the odd mouse and keeps all the cockroaches away from the
station.  She works hard to keep the place neat and tidy.  Not so long
ago, we noticed that Missy’s tummy is swelling up and on the 9th of
November 2011, she gave birth to two kittens.  We don’t know where,
but it must have been in the bush somewhere.

By now we had made friends with a wonderful man who patrols Seputeh
Station at night, to keep the commuters safe.  He took to Missy, and
her to him.  Between the three of us, we take care of Missy and her
babies, who by now are jumping and chasing each other up branches.
They are healthy, extremely well-fed (Mom see’s to that) and are
really just two wonderful bundles of joy.

Our conundrum is that soon we are leaving Malaysia to finish our
travels, but just cannot think of leaving the two little ones to fend
for themselves in the bush.

Missy is fine, she knows how to catch food, but the little ones are
surely going to starve of hunger if someone does not step in to help
with their plight.  What makes matters worse, she is going to have
more babies soon, putting more strain and stress on the people around

Is there anyone in Kuala Lumpur, who is a cat lover that can take the
two and give them a loving home?  Yes we say, “there must be someone
in this big city that is aching for some company.”

We have grown to love Malaysia and their people.  You are doing
something so spectacular that we can just wish that our citizens back
in our country could live side by side as you do.  The Muslim society
has shown us such deep devotion and genuine acceptance that we can
barely think of going home.  The Indian community is so vibrant,
resourceful and most obliging that we actually feel humble in their
presence.  The Chinese, with their friendly gestures and
happy-go-lucky attitude has taught us to relax more.

You are doing great!  We will never forget Seputeh, the guest house
owner, but above all we will never forget Missy and her babies – for
us it was trip of a life-time.

So if you could help by having Missy and the two little ones spayed
and neutered, then already you are giving them a great chance in life.

We are so scared of giving them over to people who will just have them
put down if they can’t find a home, so rather they stay at the
station, but without having or making more strays.


Warmest wishes
Johan and Ju-Marie Raubenheimer
Alex Guest House

We have offered to subsidise the spaying-neutering of Missy and her kittens (if of age) and hope that Jumarie will take up this offer and do it before she leaves.

Alternatively, if someone would like to adopt this family, we will also offer our subsidy.

Whether spayed or not, Missy and her kittens need a home, so if you are interested, please contact Jumarie directly to make arrangements for the adoption.