The Pole Escapes continues…

Pole’s in-built mechanism got to work again this morning.

After breakfast and a big clean-up, she jumped onto the gutter ledge to try her luck. One could see in her eyes that she was bent on escaping again.

 Previously, there was a gap here, but it’s been sealed off by Ah Keong, the contractor.

 Everybody loves the Pole Escapade Shows. Otherwise, life at Bunny’s Place can be pretty boring.

 Pole walks the length of the gutter ledge and tries every possible loophole.

 The audience watches intensely, without batting an eyelid.

 Not even the tiniest gap?

 Oh no, I spotted a possible gap, but really, it’s far too small unless our girl scratches and tears the netting out.

I told my husband to get the ladder and take her down, but he says to let her be. She has to learn that there is no way out, or this is going to be endless. She will try and try again. Let her be, he said. There’s no way she can escape.

 I’m happy, I’m not going anywhere.

 It looks like Pole is giving up…Yay!

 Daughter Cleo watches in anticipation, either supporting her or coaxing her mum not to do it, I don’t know.

 Cow looks worried.

(Where is Bunny? He’s gone onto his pink box to sleep. You fellows can escape all your want.)

 This was the last I saw of Pole and the next minute, there was no more Pole on the ledge.

Gosh, Pole, where are you??!!

Pole’s gone, Pole’s gone, I raised the alarm.

Husband was unperturbed. Let her be. She’ll come back, he said.

 I looked, and there she is, on the roof. It was just a split second, so she couldn’t have gone far.

OMG, how on EARTH did she escape??

 Hey Pole, come back?

 You please help me take a look here…how on earth did she escape? She did poke her head onto that part of the netting on the left, but we saw her giving up. There is no evidence of any hole at all.

Pole refused to come down, and she went off to the other part of the roof, towards Jia-Wen’s room. My husband went upstairs to call her, but she refused to come to him.

Let her be, he said. She’ll come back.

Well, yes, what can we do but to wait….

Soon, I heard a growling sound…I went out to look and guess what!

It was Gorilla Cat, right outside Jia-Wen’s opened window!!

Then I quickly rushed upstairs and there was Pole, in the upstairs family hall. She looked a bit shaken. And when I looked into Jia-Wen’s room, Gorilla was right there, looking quite fierce.

Well, well, well, thank you, Mr Gorilla, for disciplining (scaring the hell out of) Pole and getting her back for us. We owe you one.

My husband said, “Serves her right” when I brought Pole back downstairs.

It’s back to the condo for you, Pole.

Tiger was already inside, so both are locked in for now.

 Gorilla watches from the roof.

What nonsense is this, infringing into MY territory on the roof? The roof is MINE, you guys keep to your Bunny’s Place!

We hear you, Mr Gorilla Cat.

 Pole, oh Pole.

This is one instance when I wish I could speak to Pole and understand her. I think she just wants to explore and jalan-jalan (take a stroll) a bit. It’s an in-built mechanism in her.

My next plan is to purchase this prickly cat-surface which Cathy had told me about. I’ll lay it on the gutter ledge to discourage Pole from getting up. It looks like she has found a way to escape through the gutter ledge and we don’t know how she does it!