The Pole Escapes (mystery solved and rectified…for now)

Husband found two holes up on the gutter ledge. He is amazed how Pole discovered it, too.

Let’s call them the “Pole Holes”.

 Yups, there are actually TWO holes which even Cow could get out from!

 Gee… can you fix them?

 You’re wasting you time, you know. I’ll just find another way, somehow.

 Meanwhile, who is outside on our front lawn?

 Mr Gorilla still thinks our lawn is his territory.

 For the past few days, he’s been (no eye witness accounts, though) destroying our little rock garden. Well, we think it’s him because only a cat of his size and weight could totally trample on the wild orchids (they were flat) and he left huge faeces behind on them too.

 Er..hello there, Mr Gorilla Cat.

 You’re a big one, aren’t you?

 Meanwhile, the Pole-proofing came to a standstill as husband could not totally seal off all the loopholes.

 Finally, it’s done for now…but we won’t know if it’s totally Pole-proof…until the next episode of…

The Pole Escapades, Part 15.

Stay tuned, folks.