Come play with Tabs!

Tabs wasn’t feeling too well for the past 2 days. She looked a little tired. I think it could also be because some children came to visit and they played with her…a bit too much.

I gave her Vetri DMG and she is back to normal now.

These are the games Tabs plays with her elders.

 A new paper bag, from a recent shopping trip.

 A paper bag can be turned into a new game.

 Take turns to enter the paper bag. First come, first served.

 Tabs will find her way.

 Ever since getting well, Indy has been asking to go out a few times a day. We brought him out for a guided tour, then it’s back to Bunny’s Place again.

 Who’s that in the paper bag now?

 Hint: Who has a long black tail?



Tabs is just excellent at creating games to play.

She even plays on the cat tree with Indy.  Am so glad Indy has a playmate now.

At other times, Tabs take the top spot with bestfriend, Tiger.

Quite a majestic pose, won’t you say?