A new cat on the block?

We’ve been having many human as well as cat visitors ever since we moved in.

Well, there are Mr Gorilla, Shadow, a ginger cat (good friends with Mr Gorilla) and the Snow White Sisters (an adult version of the Blueys).

Today, we had another visitor….

 It looks like a bluepoint and it’s a female. The poor little kitty was mewing quite a bit. I put some Go! kibbles out for her but she did not eat any, just kept mewing and mewing, trying to tell me something. Her voice was also very hoarse.

And while I was trying to feed this poor little kitty-visitor….

Our cats were all asleep…





Tabs (in the condo)

It took almost an hour before the poor little kitty ate the food.


 I hope she has a home and is just a-visiting. We really cannot afford to adopt another kitten.

 Cleo is the only one who is awake.

 Bunny Bun Buns






2 responses to “A new cat on the block?”

  1. Connie

    Tiger all rolled up and sleeping in his basket reminds me of a Malayan Pangolin 🙂

  2. cw Lee

    I just love the names that u gave 2 yr neighbourhood kitties, Shadow & esp.
    Mr Gorilla, when I first read it, I laughed until cough!

    cw lee