Pole news for the day

This morning, Pole made no attempt at all to get up on the gutter-ledge. Has she already conceded defeat??

Instead, today’s mission is to “gazelle” over the cat-grille, to explore the rest of the house.

 It looks like she only wanted to explore the rest of the house, so she went upstairs and downstairs, on a self-guided tour.

After about half an hour, she started calling (for help?) from the foyer. I carried her back into Bunny’s Room only to have her gazelle over the cat-grille again!

So I let her explore and later, she went inside the storeroom and I thought maybe she would feel more secure in there, so I closed the door, turned on the lights and left her inside, thinking after exploring she would call her help again, and I’ll take her out.

Meanwhile, Indy filed a full-fledged complaint against our discriminatory practice of allowing Pole a self-guided tour of the outside while he was not allowed to come out. Indy has been complaining for a few days now. But I’m not sure if he just wants to come out and he wants me inside the room with him, because when I’m inside, his complaining stops.

 Today, Cleo has been behaving strangely. She has been gazing at the sky, waiting for the mothership. I think she would be the next escape artist, only consolation is that she isn’t as light or agile as the mousedeer (Pole).

 It’s NOT fair!! I want out too!!

 Pole has been quiet for the last 2 hours so far.

We peeped in and she’s happily settled on a cushion on the storeroom shelf. I opened the door, and she wasn’t even interested in coming out. Hopefully, this is where she wants to be (the storeroom!). Our storeroom door is louvred so it’s properly ventilated.

Pole, being Pole, just wants to be away from everyone else. She wants her own private space where no one can disturb her peace.

We checked again and she’s still very contented inside the storeroom.






One response to “Pole news for the day”

  1. Nicole

    Maybe you should consider putting a kitty litter in the storeroom for her, just in case…..