URGENT: Kitten (in need of medical treatment) for adoption (Inez Sue’s)

Inez Sue is a student who works part-time to support herself.

She rescued a kitten who might need medical treatment, but she is already looking after 3 kittens now, so she would appreciate if someone could adopt this latest kitten.

From Inez:

Just morning we found a kitten meowing very loudly around our unit, and I found it (gender unknown) at the staircase. It must’ve lost it’s mother as I’ve been told that it’s been meowing since yesterday or so.
I think it has flu as its eyes are filled with yellowish-whitish discharge. We want to bring it to the vet, but we do not have any transport at the moment, so right now we’re temporarily keeping him at our home.
I’m looking for someone to adopt it as I already have 3 kittens right now. Please do sms me at 012 960 7500 if you’re interested.


I’ve advised Inez to source for transport and as soon as she gets it, to send the kitten to the vet’s for an examination. We will subsidise the treatment.

If anyone is interested to take over this kitten, we will also subsidise the treatment.

Our subsidy policies applies: http://myanimalcare.org/subsidy/

Please help and/or forward this link. Sick kittens go down very fast. So, this is urgent.