Weak kitten in need of medical treatment (Basirah Mohd Ibrahim’s)

Basirah rescued a weak kitten two days ago and wrote in asking if we could help with the cost of its medical treatment. She thinks it could be a case of hernia.

From Basirah:

dis is a stray we found and was very weak and dirty.managed to care for her and now is in much better state.when we touch her feels like her ribs and bones not where they shl be.she seems to be inhaling sharply .i initially thot shd would grow stronger.but she is playful now and the panting seems harder.i feel that she had some accident and besides dislocated joints,part of her stomach is sucked in.

We have offered our subsidy for Cuci’s (the cat) medical treatment. Yes, it sounds like hernia, but only a vet can tell. We hope Basirah will send Cuci to the vet’s soonest possible to get her treated.

From our experience with a few cases of diaphragmatic hernia, we’ve had a case (Buzz) where the vet advised to let it be (also with the consent of the rescuer) because Buzz could live with the condition. The only thing was that Buzz must be prevented from jumping and knocking into things as this might cause more organs to be pushed into the lung cavity. Buzz was also an adult, so she had enough space in her lung cavity to breathe. But Buzz must be prevented from getting pregnant.  Spaying was not possible due to her hernia. So far, Buzz has been fine.

We’ve had a few more cases where surgery was needed to correct the hernia as there was insufficient space for the cat to breathe. Surgery is quite risky, though. We’ve had three successful cases and one (which was far too severe), brought in by Meiji, where the cat did not make it.


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