A hands-on sporo sharing (re-publish)

I published these on 11th Nov 2011.  In view of the few sporo cases we are helping and the lack of information about this disease and more importantly, the lack of experiential sharing, I feel a need to republish this priceless sharing again:


Dear Dr. Chan,
First and foremost kudos to all the wonderful work you do. I am a keen follower of your blog. I find it informative and useful. My hubby and I had been spaying and neutering abandoned cats in our neighborhood since year 2000 using our own resources and finances.
I would like to share my experience caring for a male cat diagnosed with severe sporotrichosis. He came to us after being thrown out by his owners in 2009. Skeletal weighing around 2 Kg. Our regular vet was off we took him to a nearby vet. This vet immediately insisted on euthanasia and kept on pressuring me to do it over the phone.. When I dropped by earlier than I suppose to I was shocked to see that the vet had put him in a pile of garbage. Long story short we took him to our regular vet.
At the same time I did researches online re the disease. Even viewed the CDC website for infectious disease control. My regular vet also was very negative as she was shorthanded. Left the decision whether to euthanise or not with her as I trust her judgment. We cannot take him home immediately only after the 3rd day due to space problem and neighbor massive renovation had damaged part of our home and doing repairs that time. We also have other cats in our home. Took him home on 4th day. That is when the journey to recovery began. It took 8 months for him to be completed cured. Blood test shown that, incidentally also shown he is FIV positive. He lost his tail but he is all well. His weight jumped from 2++ kg to 7 kg.
During the eight months, he has good appetite. Fed his meds (not generic sporo capsules) I sprinkled it in his favourite FF Royal Fine Flakes with gravy throughout. Continue on antibiotic whenever his immune is down. Most of all we love him and let him know that he is wanted and love. We talk to him all the time; positive stuff telling him how much we want him to live and we will not abandon him.
Povidone iodine Betadine antiseptic solution was my armor when I handled and clean him. His wounds was sprayed with Magtox Veterinary Herbal Spray which stinked and stained clothes and his fur. He hated the smell. But he relented as I suspect he want to live more than anything. He has hope.
One day after the 5th month his ‘clown nose’ disappeared and so was all the sores on his back, his paws, head and his tail had dropped off. His tail bone is visible up to now but he is as good looking as ever. He is our pride and joy and are still with us to this day.
Our take on this experience is to have positive thoughts and vibes and have faith. There is a Greater power than ourselves out there. The Universe!
Read about so many sad stories about sporo cats; that is why I decided to e-mail you Dr. Chan. We prefer to be invisible as it is hard to do what we do. Many are resentful for what we do for the felines. They think it is a waste of our money and think we are crazy. That is why we shun publicity. We do it for our souls. Remembered someone wise once said ” When you focus too much on the external the internal suffers”.
Just to share with you Dr. Chan as you are gifted with the gift of an educator. Just another view to share with you.
All the best.

And more:


At the time when I was nursing my sporo cat to health we have another at least another 20 cats in our home. What I did with the guidance of my vet and some modifications of my own I manage quite easily by :-
(1)  Cover and taped up the whole cage with newspapers (which can be disposed whenever soiled, as frequently as possible); Any bodily fluid will be contained by spilling onto the newspapers i.e. blood, pus,saliva, drool etc.
(2)  Separate him in a room by himself; don’t have room any space available away from other animals and people.
(3)  Lined the bottom cage with adult diaper by  spreading  it flatly on the bottom.Yes strange but it works (Adult diapers are heavy duty and more hardy than any other diapers) My cat used the diaper as his toilet or sleep on it when it is clean. His pee was absorbed into the diaper. He stays dry. Since he was such a clever fella, whenever he pooed; he will wrapped it up with his poo in it into a bundle. All I have to do is just wrapped up with old newspapers and secure it  with tape and dispose in the garbage bag. No transmission of virus. Easy to clean and disinfect the cage.

The above is priceless; it is not some clinical information from an encyclopedia or even a scientist’s journal writings. It is the sharing from someone (not a vet) who has successfully nursed a sporo cat for 8 months, with informed knowledge, her vet’s advice and her tender loving care.

We would all do well to learn from the above, not only for sporo cases per se, but for caring and putting in our best efforts for the animals.

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  • Chen

    There is this thing that keep worrying me about throwing wastes that contain germs from a disease-infected cat – would it not spread this disease amongst the stray cats that hang around rubbish dumps/bins? I keep thinking of a better way to throw these kinds of wastes without exposing the strays, but have not come up with any ideas. Maybe, you have other ideas and opinions?