Cat-proofing your cat-space

Ever since I moved in, those of you who have been following stories of my attempts at cat-proofing my cat-space would know Pole emerged victorious on many, many occasions.

But finally….we didn’t do too badly either.  We managed, after being no less than RM1000 poorer, to Pole-proof the cat-space. However, she can still jump over our 4-foot cat-grille (in typical gazelle fashion), but that’s quite okay because the cat-grille is meant to keep the sprayers (Cow & Bunny) out from the rest of the house unless their tour is under supervision.

Now, Pole and Indy both jump out from the cat-grille. Pole in gazelle style and Indy spider-cats the grille (scales the vertical bars).

Tabs, the ever curious and cutest, sneaks out from between  our legs whenever we open the grille and she has the speed of lightning when doing so.

Indy and Tabs have both sneaked out of the front gate to the road as well, so that’s rather worrying.  Pole was all contented being inside the house, lounging on the sofa, until Indy started coming out. As you know, Indy stalks Pole, so when Indy is also out, Pole has to vacate her space and migrate to the porch. We are just worried, from the porch, she will migrate further to the neighbour’s house again. And this will be no different from her former lifestyle in our old house. So, we are trying our best to prevent this from happening by strict control of the stalker @ Indy Jones.

Tabs doesn’t disturb anyone. She’s just very curious.

Now, while I was battling with my brood, someone else read my stories and decided to cat-proof her cat-space as well.

Zue and I communicated for awhile and here is her latest update on her attempts at cat-proofing:

Dr Chan
Just wanted to inform you that my back garden might be finally cat-proofed! Found out that Dizzy (the escape artist cat) was also using my Pandan Leaves bushes as a launch pad to propel herself up the back wall. I was wondering why my pandan leaves were all but flattened to the ground. I have resorted to using that plastic spike things from Daiso and stuck it to the wall. It worked so far. Her only way out of the house now would be through the windows or if we let her out.

I also found out that the 2-inch gap between the grills could be a cause for concern for one of my cats. Yesterday, the gasman delivered my gas tanks and my new adopted cat was freaked out big time by him. The other cats were just looking on very curiously. She literally ran across the back yard left to right and ran herself into the grill on both ends. I was at one of the the grill gates, watching over the grill gate for the gas man to do his delivery and finally managed to get hold of her and quickly take her into the house to calm her down. She then hid behind the washing machine for the next few hours. Poor thing. Even food didnt lure her out.

But before I got hold of her, she was struggling so much against the grill to get out and for a split second, she managed to get half of her head through the 2-inch grill gap. I almost freaked out myself, but because she was still struggling, she managed to get her head out. I was soooo relief. Lucky thing she didnt get her whole head through. Dread to think what I have to do to release her. I do not wish for the grill to be a death trap for the new cat or any cats. This morning, she seemed a bit skittish and occasionally hid behind the washing machine.

I have to plant bushes or creepers on the outside of the grills to avoid these incidents from happening and also to take her in whenever strangers (in her cat-mind) come.


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