Donation for Meiji

A reader, Peng Kei, has sent a donation to Meiji through us. I have already banked in the money to Meiji’s Maybank account:

Status:  Successful
Reference number:  1601043410
Transaction date:  15 Feb 2012 21:43:13
Amount:  RM200.00
To Open 3rd Party Account : <Info Removed>
Account Holder Name : <Info Removed>






3 responses to “Donation for Meiji”

  1. seokthien

    What is the name of Meiji’s bank? Wont it be easier if those who want to donate to Meiji to transfer money straight into her account instead of asking you to do it? Dont mean to hurt anyone’s feeling here.

    1. chankahyein

      Maybank. Thanks!

  2. seokthien

    I have transfer a small sum of RM50 into Meiji’s account on behalf of my daughter Yee Hwei Lin. Reference number 1601470129. Thank you for informing the name of the bank and account number which will facilitate fund transfer for those interested to donate to her and would not like to trouble you as we know you are very busy with your various activities (including writing blogs :D)