Please pray for Maple (Linda Lim’s)

This is a request from Linda Lim, on behalf of her friend, Connie:

Dear Dr. Chan,
Could you please post the following on your blog as you have a lot of readers? If not, it is alright. Connie Foong sms me this morning about her dog, Maple.

This is Maple. She is Connie Foong’s much loved dog. She is 7 yrs old. Currently she’s at Gasing Vet in a serious condition. Connie says she has internal bleeding and her palate count is 23 – very low. Please pray for Maple to recover and ask your friends to pray for her too. Thank you very much. Connie thanks you too.

I have asked some friends to share this as well. Thank you, Dr. Chan for your help.

Linda Lim

3 comments to Please pray for Maple (Linda Lim’s)

  • pooi ling

    She looks like my dog. I rely hope that she will pull thru.

  • Amy

    Dear Sis Linda and Sis Connie ,

    Coincidences may be perceived to be Miracle :

    1.Please buy a “Small size Lotur Flower Candle”.Write Maple’s name in a small label and stick it on the Lotur flower then light it up and put it on your prayer table and ask Buddha or Kwan Yin Bodhisattva for blessing.

    2.You can also buy the CD “Kindness and Loving Chanting”at Brickfields BUDDHIST MAHA VIHARA Temple and let “Maple” listen it.(This is a very good chanting for blessing your family and home too).

    3.Please always saying (bellow words) to “Maple”
    “May “Maple” get rid of danger.”
    “May “Maple” get well soon”
    “May “Maple” be healthy”
    “May “Maple” be happy”
    “May Buddha Bless “Maple”

    rom Amy Kwek

  • Will Lim

    Dear all fellow bro and sis, Maple has pass away on 24 Feb last fri due to the illness. My friend Connie would like to thanks all for the blessing toward Maple. Last but not least we hope in the future this type of sickness could found the medical solution to cure as we hope there’s no more innocent life involve. Thanks again to all.