An email from a sporo-survivor, Morton the Cat

I was very pleasantly surprised and very touched to receive an email from Morton the Cat, a sporo survivor, in conjuction with his upcoming birthday! I learnt that when Morton was first rescued, 80% of his body was covered with sporo sores. The prognosis was grave, but Morton’s rescuer was determined to help him heal. After 8 months of dedicated caring and treatment, Morton recovered. Morton is also FIV+, yet he recovered. It’s amazing what love and kindness (and perseverance) can do.

From Morton:

Hi Dr Chan,

My name is Morton. I heard a lot about you. You are the kind lady who highlighted the plights of others like me.

I am a sporotrichosis survivor. I was inflicted but now I am all good. I am not a myth or urban legend and I really exist Dr. Chan. I belong to an elite club of street cats survivors!

Thank you Dr Chan for your good work and your good deeds of championing the plights of strays and street feline like me especially when I am not a special breed but just a ‘kampung tabby’ .

Usually the human kind will look away from us darting their eyes avoiding looking at us when out path meet on the streets. Some even throw sticks and stones at us. I had plenty of experiences like that. Some tried to catch us and ‘put us to sleep’ as that what they call it, but truly it is just merely trying to wipe us out of existence from this earth. Damn, some even tried to skin us alive and eat us; there are many recipes on how to cook us now. Some tried to keep us in cages and do all sort tests on us. painful and slow torture until one day only death can save us from further sufferings.

Thank you, thank you Dr Chan for giving us the time of the day. I cannot thank you enough but gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Have a long and  wonderful life Dr Chan



Isn’t that sweet?

Here’s my reply to Morton:

Dear Morton,

How very kind of you to write this lovely and beautiful email to me. Thank you so much.

Your email certainly made my day today because it isn’t often that I receive emails from fur-friends like you, so this is indeed a very pleasant surprise for me!

I have heard quite a bit about you, too, Morton.  I hear you are a fighter and survivor and you fought long and hard to recover from your sporo many years ago.

For this, I am full of admiration for your caregiver and your human for having not given up on you, but instead, did everything possible to help you heal so beautifully in the comforts of her home, under her loving care.

Morton, you and many other of your friends out there are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to encounter loving and dedicated caregivers (like your human!). Some are not as fortunate, and we are here to help as many as we can.

Thank you again for writing and you take good care of yourself as well as your human!

I wish you both a long, beautiful and happy life, too!

And oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Morton!! Have a wonderful day!

Kind regards,

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