Blackey’s updates – 2nd visit (Sha’s)


Here’s some happy news from Sha:

Hi all,
I hope this email reaches you all in a good health. I visited Blackey again last friday. She was excited to see me. Overall, the lesions looked much better than before. Please look at the pictures. I am positive it is curable within next few months.

So happy to hear of this good news. It was a wise decision to get Blackey treated in Kedah and not here, because the treatment for sporotrichosis is Itraconazole (it is the same medication in any clinic), supportive treatment and most importantly, in Kedah, there is that special ingredient – Sha.

My vet always tells me never to underestimate how helpful it is when a sick animal receives tender loving care from its caregiver. That is something the vets cannot provide and only we can.

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