2nd Post: Rescue help needed for cats in Cyberia (Raymond Loh’s)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/02/18/rescue-help-needed-in-cyberjaya-jasmons/

Raymond Loh needs help to catch these cats as he does not want them to remain as strays. He is requesting help to rescue and rehome them.

From Raymond:

I attach some pictures of the stray cats. I will attach a few more in the next e-mail — the pictures i attached here have reached the memory limit. Below are the remarks related to the pictures.
Picture 1— New born stray kittens at Block C2; they were 3 of them, now only 2 left; maybe dead, maybe adopted.
Picture 2— A second picture of the kittens.
Picture 3—A stray cat sitting on the playground next to Block B1.
Picture 4—Another picture of the cat mentioned above.
Picture 5—A kitten roughly 2 months old. Note: i only see another of its sibling nearby; he used to have 6 siblings when he was just given birth, dunno where the rest are now–probably dead.
Picture 6– Picture of the same kitten mentioned above. He and his sibling are located at Block B3.
Picture 7– Another adult stray cat. He’s located at the corridor connecting Block B2 and Block B1.
Picture 8– Same cat from the picture above.
Picture 9– Picture of the same cat mentioned above. This time trying to fight another cat– note– a new cat not mentioned above at all.
Picture 10– Stray cat mentioned in the picture mentioned above trying to fend for himself from another male cat.
Picture 11– Another stray sitting on the lawn which is between commercial centre and Block A2.

As mentioned, attached are the continued pictures from the previous e-mail.
Picture 13– Another stray located outside a Block D townhouse, which is adjacent to the commercial centre.
Picture 14– Same stray mentioned in the above picture.
Picture 14– A pregnant female cat hiding under a car. It’s at the indoor carpark next to Block A2.
The cats i show you here is less than a third of what i come across everyday in Cyberia Smarthomes vicinity. The stray cat situation here in Cyberia Smarthomes is really worrying (don’t be fooled by the name– “Smarthomes” is not really smart actually.) People just let their cats stray outside once they moved away as the international students population here is very huge–once they moved back to their home countries they won’t do or care much for their cats, i suspect. I keep seeing female cats getting pregnant and the stray population has grown over 35 i estimate. I can’t rescue them as i don’t have the cages and the necessary tools. If you can gather volunteer rescuers, i can show them the directions. But you need to hurry, as i stay here only until next Wednesday (29th Feb). After that i will move to a new place entirely. I mean really a new place– Puchong to be exact. But if really the rescuers can only come after 29th Feb, i can still come to show them the directions, as my new place is within 10-minute driving distance from Cyberia Smarhomes.
Once you’ve gathered enough rescuers, contact me through  raymondloh@rocketmail.com.


I have already replied to Raymond Loh that I have no resources to gather rescuers to his mission but can only blog to source for help.

If you are a rescuer and you or your group are able to help Raymond, kindly contact him by email (raymondloh@rocketmail.com).

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