Lilian Tong’s kitty, “Girl”, is doing well!

From Lilian:

Good morning Dr. Chan!

Sorry for the late reply. It was a longggg day yesterday! After kitty’s checkup I went around town searching for a cage, hot water bottle, litter box. 

After getting the cage, the litter-box and all her stuff, before I could set everything up, I needed to clean the apartment with clorox just in case the kitty left any fleas (because she was playing around on my floor mat/carpet/old clothes), upon the vet’s advise. I made sure I mopped once with soap and twice with water to get rid of whatever clorox was left on the floor.

TIRING! But it was all worth it to see kitty playing around/yumming up the Royal Canin kibbles/exploring her cage and the apartment/snuggling. At least I would feel more at ease to leave for work tomorrow. I am still not sure what to name her, right now I’m just calling her Girl. I’m still trying to observe her personality and maybe I’ll get inspiration then on what to call her 🙂

At the moment, I’m trying to research on kittens, what activities to be encouraged, is catnip too soon, can discipline be taught. I’m gonna look into the blog you recommended for catnips ( If you do have any advise for me and when you’ve got time to part with one, do let me know. I’m all ears!! 

Time for some late breakfast after feeding and playing with kitty :):)


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