Our ex-sporo cat, Puteri, having a time of her life now

Puteri was a street cat, picked up by Mary Yap from Taman Tun.

Puteri was initially diagnosed as having bad flu but later, it was found that the spot on her nose was a sporotrichosis infection. Puteri was treated for many months (we subsidised the treatment while Mary sponsored the boarding), and subsequently Puteri was adopted by Nor, Mary’s colleague.

When diagnosed with sporo: http://myanimalcare.org/2011/07/24/puteri-has-sporotrichosis/

Now a pet, Puteri is best of pals with Chombi, Nor’s other cat (who is FIV-positive).

Here are some photos:


 As beautiful as ever.

 Puteri and Chombi on the bed.

Nor pampers them to bits – they get the very best of everything!


 This is Chombi.

Puteri and Chombi are good examples of cats who still live a great life despite their medical history and condition. Some people choose to have sporotrichosis and FIV-positive cats euthanised, but look at Puteri and Chombi, they are both survivors and all because we humans make the effort, receive adequate support and information, and sometimes we are able to find great adopters like Nor who doesn’t mind the cat’s medical history or condition.

Three cheers for Nor!! And Mary, too.

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