Spay-neuter subsidy for Nuzul and Miko (an Indon domestic helper’s)

It was on 18th August (Nuzul Quran) last year that Amy Tham brought in a cute little kitten, whom I named Nuzul (for obvious reasons!) to our vet for a check-up.

See this: (Nuzul’s baby photos)

Subsequently, Nuzul was adopted by a family but got returned and later, a nearby Indonesian domestic helper said she’d look after Nuzul.

Last week, it was time to get Nuzul neutered, so she brought Nuzul to the vet’s to get it done. After a few days, she brought another female cat (also looked after by her) for spaying. We have subsidised RM180 for both procedures.

 Nuzul at the vet’s

 Nuzul back home.
Handsome and still photogenic!

 Miko (the female cat)

Flashback to 18th August last year:

Nuzul was first rescued from a young girl who thought he was a plaything.

Nuzul was limping and had no bowel movement control then. And some of his whiskers had been cut.

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