A kitten with a bulging eye (Myza Nordin’s)

UPDATES on 5th March – The kitten, named Kuning, passed away. He did not wake up from the surgery. We wish Kuning to safe journey to his next existence. 

On the way to pick up Fitri today, with carrier and cage in the car, Myza saw a little kitten with a large bulging eye. The eye looked really bad, so Myza brought the kitten to the vet.

The vet advised surgery for the eye, and this has been sponsored by Myza’s friend.

Myza now needs an adopter for the kitten.

If you can help, please contact Myza on 016-3717692.

In the recent weeks, we also encountered another case of bulging eyes. These cases remind us again and again, that street animals suffer so much.

While some survive and make it, there are many others who don’t and die a slow, painful and suffering death.

Spay-neuter, please.

Join us in CNRM. You bring in the animals, we’ll help you with the funds.

Don’t let them keep breeding. Let’s stop the suffering by stopping the breeding.

Capture-and-kill is NOT the solution. CNRM is.

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