A Bed Of Thorns (Part 6)

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/03/09/the-12-dogs-survivors-of-the-distemper-outbreak-previously-a-bed-of-thorns-parts-1-4/

Six of the 12 dogs from the Hoarder have been sent to the vet’s for vaccination. All have been vaccinated and 3 of them received injections for their skin condition. As pledged, we will subsidise these vaccinations as soon as I receive the receipts.

Our volunteer went up to visit the place today. Many of the dogs and cats are not in good condition, and just today, the Hoarder brought in a cat with very severe sporotrichosis. I have called the Kawan and the Hoarder’s husband to please advise her to isolate the sporo-cat, else the disease would spread to her 30+ cats, and cause another disastrous epidemic, which was what happened to the 18 dogs that died of distemper recently (she brought in one distemper dog, refused to isolate, and 17 others caught the disease and died, no medical treatment was given).

Some of her existing animals are healthy enough to be accepted into a shelter or even rehomed (these 12 dogs are survivors in the recent distemper outbreak – they did not catch the disease). But how do we rehome these dogs when we are so far away? We know the SPCA in Ipoh is full and it would be very hard for us to organise any rehoming from over here.

When our volunteer was about to leave, the Hoarder said she is very tired and she wished we could take away her animals as she simply could not cope anymore.

Based on what she has said, I have arranged with a local shelter to take over the healthy animals (so that they won’t get sick later and they stand a chance to live out their natural lives in a better condition). I know shelter condition isn’t ideal, but it is still better than where they are now, where even food is scarce, diseases abound and there is no proper medical care for their current condition (at least half have skin problems, just by looking at them).

To do this, we need transport to bring the dogs from Ipoh all the way up here.

I have also just sourced for a friend who has so graciously agreed to provide transport for these animals. However, only the healthy dogs and cats will get to come as per the shelter’s policy. The shelter authorities will go up and select the animals. I know, we wish we could take them all, but at this moment, we don’t know how we can do this, so let’s just save the healthy ones first.

If any one of you would like to adopt her sickly animals and rehabilitate them, please do offer (I know this is a very long shot, but it doesn’t hurt to try – we might get lucky). Better still, if anyone from Ipoh is willing to take over any of her healthier dogs and cats, please do so. It would save us a lot on transporting the dogs and cats down here.

I have also spoken to the Kawan and the Hoarder’s husband to seek confirmation from the Hoarder herself if she is indeed serious about asking us to take away her animals. I need this confirmation before proceeding with our plans for transport. I don’t want any wild goose chase later; it would be an utter waste of resources, time, money and energy.

I have classified this case under our Disaster Relief Fund.

I hope to hear from them tomorrow. The sooner we get the animals out, the better it would be for them.

If you have any better ideas on what we could do, please leave a comment.

Thank you.

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