A Bed Of Thorns, Part 7

I received an email from the Kawan today saying that they have discussed our offer to relocate as many of her (the Hoarder’s) animals as we possibly can. The Kawan urged her to think over carefully first.

Hence, there is still no reply so far.

Here are photos taken by our volunteer at the Hoarder’s shelter yesterday.

 A very large piece of land.

Brave yourself now…scroll down.

Some of the dogs are chained even though they are in enclosures.


 This looks like the sporo-cat that she just brought in.


When I spoke to the Hoarder on the phone last week, she told me all her cats are kept in cages as none of them are spayed or neutered. She agreed to spay-neuter them because she said their mating cries at night makes it difficult for her to sleep. Wrong reason, I know. Sigh…


The shelter in the Klang Valley that has graciously offered to take over as many of the Hoarder’s animals as it can is PAWS. We thank PAWS for stepping in to help these poor animals.

A friend from Ipoh has contacted Ipoh SPCA and they too may be able to provide places for 10 cats and ISPCA is no-kill, so we are really happy. The surrender fee is RM100 per cat (for no-kill, it is definitely justified). I have got a sponsor who has offered to pay for 5 places for 5 of the Hoarder’s cats. Once the Hoarder gives her green light for us to remove her animals, we will proceed with getting sponsors for 5 more places (at RM100 per place).

We now hope (and pray) the Hoarder will agree to part with her animals.

We also have friends in Ipoh who remembers this Hoarder having worked at a vet’s clinic for many years before. So, she is not ignorant about the medical needs of animals.

We are bewildered as to why her animals have not been even given the basic vaccinations, let alone be spayed-neutered or medically treated when she had worked as a vet’s assistant for so long.

For the sake of these animals whose faces you now see in the photos above, please pray she will let them go.

Our logistics are put on hold until she says “yes”.

Suffering exists.

UPDATES at 9.11pm – The Hoarder’s husband just texted me to say she has retracted her statement (of asking us to take away her animals). They will only proceed with the vaccination of the remaining 6 dogs tomorrow, and one more round of vaccinations next month. The husband said “thank you” to everyone who has offered help.

We can bring the horse to the water trough, but we cannot force the horse to drink.

UPDATES at 9.26pm – The husband further said (in another sms) that she will endeavour to give her best to her animals until such a time when it is “unavoidable” and she will then consult us for help.  I replied that our offer only stands for now (the animals need to be taken out as soon as possible) and if she “consults” me at another time, I may not be able to source for a shelter to take her animals in and lorries don’t come that easy, either. I have impressed upon the husband that we may not be able to help her next time.

This, folks, is what HOARDING is all about.

9 comments to A Bed Of Thorns, Part 7

  • Maneki Neko

    I. AM. HORRIFIED. These animals are in deplorable condition, and the looks in the dogs’ eyes just tells volumes about their despair.

  • Darren Ching

    Why are the dogs chained up? They look so sad indeed and the cats are no better. Guess she is not good at taking care of animals. Hopefully she agrees to the arrangement for the animals’ sake.

  • loh lay peng

    can i politely ask,y would she wants to keep the animals when she cant take care of them?

  • katie

    Looking at the dogs reminds me of the Klang Dog Pound. The dogs look so sad and depressed.

    I hope the hoarder will come to her senses soon that most of her dogs are in bad condition. To wait until it is “unavoidable” will be too late to rescue those dogs.

  • Joy E. Saga

    2 or 3 cats in a cage! OMG! I hope she gets a revelation really really soon and comes to her senses!

  • Amy

    my heart goes out to the cats and dogs.. esp the caged up cats.. any attempts to catnap or dognap?? i would rather them be in the streets (after vaccination, spaying and neutering is done of course) rather to be caged up like this.. maybe need to send a pyschologist to talk to the Hoarder..

  • Yen Ling

    Atrocious! Jail-like. In this context, they are better off at the streets than being confined AND chain-up. Doesn’t make sense! Has this hoarder no heart nor emotions?

  • Akmar

    Yen Ling.. it’s not about having no hearts or emotions for the hoarders; it’s not having the right sense of mind (read: ‘takde otak’).
    No words nor feelings could aptly describe how I felt about those poor animals.. I have to agree with Amy…can’t we just ‘culik’ them all? 🙁