A Bed Of Thorns, Part 8

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/03/15/a-bed-of-thorns-part-7/

You would have read from Part 7 that the Hoarder had somehow changed her mind and decided to retract her statement to our volunteer.  Her husband texted me to say she will be keeping all her animals until “such a time when it is unavoidable”.

I told him we may not be able to help her at “such a time” because my resources don’t come that easily. Right now, PAWS is willing to take as many of her animals as they can, Ipoh SPCA is willing to give 10 places for her cats and another friend is working out some other help for her as well.

Of course this is disappointing, but after having done this kind of work for sometime now, after having dealt with the most difficult animal of them all, the HUMAN, in this work that we do, I’m not about to beat myself up for failing to convince her.

I live by these wise words of Reinhold Neibuhr:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

So, I called our volunteer and asked what exactly the Hoarder had said. He said, the Hoarder showed him very bad wounds on her hands and fingers, and she said she is diabetic and has heart problems. Our volunteer said the wounds looked really bad and were not healing. The Hoarder then said it doesn’t matter who takes the animals away, just take them away, as she could not cope anymore.

It is strange that in just 24 hours, she has decided to retract her statement and she now wants to keep all her animals.

When I rang the Kawan last night to ask for confirmation (as I could not get the Hoarder on the phone), the Kawan appeared to be shocked that the Hoarder would want to give up her animals. She said she knows of nothing of the sort. Then, the Kawan wrote to me this morning to say she had advised the Hoarder to think carefully before deciding.

One would expect a good “kawan” to encourage the Hoarder to give up the animals. Seriously, when are you going to get another chance like this?

We can only pray for her animals now.

I think we should pray for her, too.

UPDATES on 16th March, at 1am – Apparently, here is the reason the Hoarder is not willing to give up her animals – she is not happy that we can only take the healthy ones and leave the sick ones behind. Our hands are tied, madam, this is as much as we can do for you. The shelter cannot accept sick animals as they have their policies. All I can say here is that this Hoarder wants everything her way. I can now, again, understand, why every single person I’ve spoken to, who knows her, says she is not worthy of help. Only the Kawan wanted me to help her – only with food, not anything else.

5 comments to A Bed Of Thorns, Part 8

  • katie

    As much as I pity the dogs and cats in her shelter, I pity her as well. I hope that she can come to her senses as soon as possible before it becomes too late for her animals.

    The kind of help that Dr Chan is offering doesn’t come knocking on one’s door everyday.

  • Joy E. Saga

    Do not lose hope Kah Yein… will pray for a miracle … see what happens in the next few days. The Kawan is NOT helping and seems to want the HOARDER to suffer. If the Kawan is truly a friend then if you reading this .. A friend is NOT someone who would make your friend suffer. In this case, by rehoming / moving her animals, we would be helping the hoarder! She is sick … she needs medical care and good hygiene. By telling her to KEEP the animals with her is doing more harm than good, for both her and the innocent lives. Please, I beg you, let her rest … she has work long and hard. Let others take over now so that she can live the rest of her life, carefree. Please?

  • Akmar

    I will only say this for the ‘Kawan’.. “If you have good intentions towards your FRIEND (if that is what you regard her), then you should think what’s best for her, and right now, the lifeline is plainly open for her to grab and hold on to.”
    I cried.. (it’s not just heart-breaking… but heart-wrenching too) to see those helpless animals being confined to such small places and not well taken care of. I echoed Joy’s statement… “Please, I beg you, let her rest … she has work long and hard. Let others take over now so that she can live the rest of her life, carefree. Please?”

  • Karmen

    Such a waste of time and effort and most of all, a waste of lives. Hope she’ll come to her senses. The pictures of those animals were appalling. True hoarder. Miserable and wretched existence.

  • Winnie

    We need an animal right’s law whereby the animals can be extracted from a person’s premise when it is evident they are not getting the proper shelter, nutrition and medical treatment. How do we not have this? Sigh.