A Visit To Kelly And Jacinta’s Shelter

Our volunteer also managed to swing by Kelly and Jacinta’s shelter yesterday to hand them the two boxes of shampoo, and what a far cry it is from the earlier one.

Here are some photos:

Chubby little things, aren’t they?

Large and small?

A family of shy dogs.

Dinner time!!

Ingredients: kampong chicken neck, ordinary chicken meat and chicken liver plus ginger. Two pots. 1 for the shelter dogs and another for the street dogs along the road.

Kelly and Jacinta.

We will be subsidising the vaccinations and spay-neuter of 9 puppies recently dumped at their shelter gates.

In April, we will purchase 10 bags of dogfood for their dogs, from our Food Fund.

Kelly feels very bad that we are helping them “so much” (in her own words) and said we do not need to give them 10 bags of food, just 6 would do, but we understand that they need 2 bags per day to feed their 100+ dogs (besides the yummy food you see in the pot, charcoal-brewed each day), so not to worry, we have allocations for the 10 bags for next month.

However, our pledge is not on a monthly basis; it is solely dependent on how much funds we have.

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