Updates On Karuna (from The Uncle)

One of our friends visited Karuna at Uncle’s house and reports that Karuna is doing very well. She still has her old-age cough, but is otherwise a happy dog.

She has her own special place in Uncle’s house, and Uncle says it is alright that she pees and poos all over since she is an “old lady”.

Our grand “old lady” has also become the “queen” in Uncle’s house, dominating the rest of the dogs.

Uncle has made a little make-shift kennel for Karuna to serve as her very own “throne” as she prefer to be by herself and not socialise with Uncle’ other dogs.

Every morning, when Uncle opens the door, Karuna will roll over and ask for a belly rub.

We thank Uncle and all those who help him for looking after Karuna and giving her such a good foster home. There is so much love and compassion for Karuna in Uncle’s home.

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