A Bed Of Thorns, Part 9

Today, the Kawan and Hoarder brought the remaining 6 dogs for vaccination at the vet’s. With this, all 12 dogs have been vaccinated now, and we have banked in the money to the vet directly. The vet is also treating the dogs for their skin problem and they have been advised to bring the dogs in for weekly injections. This is done at the vet’s own expense.

Apparently, today, the Hoarder had loaded the “wrong” dogs into the car (those that have just been vaccinated (from the first 6) a few days ago) and halfway, they had to turn back to get the right dogs.

From what our volunteer observed, the Hoarder is in very bad health and is worn out.

We are bewildered why she refused to take up our offer to take away some of her dogs. Our purpose is to relieve her burden so that she would not have to look after so many.

But these are her dogs, and we would just have to respect her decision. Help has been offered and it has been refused.

We can do no more.

P.S. The Kawan promised to take photos while the dogs are at the vet’s. We shall wait for the photos, but I have verified with the vet that all 12 have been vaccinated and a receipt has been posted to us.

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