Adding Raw Meat And Bones To The Cooked Food

For the last two batches of food, I have been adding raw meat to the cooked food to be blended together.

The first round, I only added raw meat. For the second round (which was done last night), I added raw meat, skin and three pieces of chicken neck so that they get the raw bones and bone marrow. There is something very nutritious in the bone marrow, but it is destroyed if cooked. So, bones must be fed raw. I blended a 500ml of raw stuff together with the cooked food, and in the cooked food, I introduced a wee bit of garlic as well.

This is my reference:

But I did not stew it for 2 hours. Rather, I pressure-cooked it.Would you believe it? Even Bobby went to eat on his own.

For lunch, the gang had Go! kibbles.

I wonder if Tabs would grow as big as Tiger…

I hope not!

But the vet did say she is going to be a big cat.

2 comments to Adding Raw Meat And Bones To The Cooked Food

  • pooi ling

    Dr. Chan, what is your vet’s view with regards to raw diet? One of my dog has epilepsy attacks. The attacks increased tremedously this year. One of my acquitance has an epileptic dog but she said that ever since she feed her dog with raw diet, the attacks never comes bck.
    I have been trying raw diet for almost three weeks now, with a quarter of xenobarb a day. No attacks so far. No attacks so far.
    The vet that i always go to has a strong opinion abt raw feeding, especially with the case of viruses and bacterias in the raw meat. He said that there is no scientific proof that raw diet has any effect on the fit attacks, bt he stressed that the handling of the food during preparation and feeding must be extremely clean.

    • chankahyein

      Hi Pooi Ling, my vet is a kibble-enthusiast! I’d go by Dr Susanna’s advice that some animals cannot take raw meat, so cooked food it is, for them. I started my animals on the wrong footing – kibble! Perhaps you could consult the ladies from Pet Epicure on raw meat. They strongly recommend it.