Pak Din Needs Help


There has been no response and no volunteers to help Pak Din for tomorrow’s setting up of his roof. Hence, the project is now postponed until Chew and his friends can get 3-4 able-bodied persons to help out.

If you are able to help, or you know of anyone who is willing to, please contact Chew on 016-3281210.

Thank you.

The post on 14th March:

Chew is requesting help from able-bodied volunteers (3 or 4 would be good) to help Pak Din put up his roof this Saturday. It’s too much work for the 59, 65 and 72 year-olds today!

If you are able to help, please contact Chew directly at 016-3281210.

Thank you!

From Chew:

Dear Dr.Chan,

Today went to Pak Din’s place with my good buddy Mr.Tan to try to lend Pak Din a helping hand to put up a new roof. His current roof is made of plastic sheets which were singlehandedly put up by Pak Din himself. It took him 2 months to build his current home. Today it took 3 of us lots of sweat to try to repair the roof but eventually we gave up due to not having proper tools,like power drill,because the wooden beams are made of hardwood and almost impossible to nail in without drilling holes first. Also the 3 senior gentlemen Pak Din(65), Mr.Tan(72) and yours truly(59) had only sore arms and backaches after half a day’s work!!! It would be easier to ask workman to come and pay them but problem is most workmen are indonesian migrant workers and they refused to come to Pak Din’s place because of his dogs….that’s another surprising thing for me to learn today….!!!
That’s the reason I sent SOS to Dr.Chan to try to help me get some able bodied volunteers as the repairs have proven to be a tougher job than we expected.

Downloaded some photos taken today for your viewing. Hope we’d be able to get some help soon.

Warmest regards to All,


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  • Joy E. Saga

    Hi Chew! I don’t know when I’m going down back to KL yet, but when I do, will let you know and if it coincides with your plan, then I can help out. Don’t worry, I can work hard and carry heavy stuff! Let you know!