Subsidy For Spaying Of 2 Female Cats (Gerald Loo’s)

From Gerald Loo, on 15th March:

gerald loo

hi :) dr chan im gerald here an animal lover and also caring
especially towards strays. I heard about you from my neighbour aunty
kim and needed your help regarding spaying stray cats. Hopefully you
could help me as they are strays a deserve to live healthy as well.
Waiting for your reply regarding this matter :) Thx a lot dr chan.

Gerald sent these photos today (below) – the cats have been spayed, and Gerald personally delivered the receipt and form to my house. Ahh…he is a young person. That’s nice – to see young people taking up the initiative and doing things very responsibly. That’s the future in the making.

We have subsidised RM200 for the two procedures.

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