What diseases did pets have 30-40 years ago?

I ordered Andi Brown’s book from Amazon.com and am reading it now.

I’m attracted to this quote on Page 13….

It says:

“In speaking with vets that practised thirty or forty years ago, before the pet industry grew, they state that they did not see the diseases in dogs and cats that we are seeing today. Cancer, liver and kidney disease, allergies, skin problems, all were basically unheard of in pets” (Ann Martin, in Foods Pets Die For, The Shocking Truth about Pet Food).

That’s certainly food for thought, isn’t it?

I remember when I was eight years old, I had my first dog, Puffin. Two years later, we had Remirth. Puffin lived for 14 years and Remirth, 12. I remember cooking their meals twice a day – it was just meat and rice, that’s all. Sometimes, we added veges. My mother would cook the morning breakfast and I’d cook the evening meal for them after school. That’s all they ate. I don’t remember them being sick, apart from Puffin being very sick a few weeks after he was brought to us. After that, they just lived on happily as we did, eating homecooked food. Puffin and Remirth had never eaten any kibble before, all their lives.

Andi Brown says in her book, “REAL food is the foundation of life”, and that “A person can actually live on potato chips and beer. Some people do but not very well, and not necessarily for very long.”

She reminisced about her cat, Spot, who, in 1986, had numerous health problem which even 5 veterinarians could not treat and at least 3 told her to just have Spot euthanised. Then, she met a kind man named Voyko Marx, who led her to her kitchen and showed her how to cook a stew for Spot. Within one week, Spot’s health problems cleared up.

“Spot’s Stew” has since become Andi Brown’s signature product and it is available for all of us: http://www.thewholepetdiet.com/2011/06/25/spots-whole-pet-diet-chicken-stew/

What makes it so convenient is that it is for both cats and dogs. I cook this (or, as closely as I can follow) for Bobby and the cats.

Just the other day, I met an acquaintance who was taking her Golden Retriever for a walk in the park. She lamented that her dog refused to eat kibble and had to be forced to eat every day. She also said the dog (who was only 2 years old) had skin problems and that another older Golden Retriever of a neighbour’s had even worse health problems. So I casually suggested that she tried raw food or homecooked. Before I could even finish my sentence, she shot me down completely, citing the expensive kibble that she feeds her dog.

Ah…you can only do so much, right? I’ve learnt that when people do not want to hear, they will not hear. And we shall not waste our time trying to make them hear.

So, I smiled and took my leave…to get home to cook for Bobby and the cats!


6 comments to What diseases did pets have 30-40 years ago?

  • BK

    haha true true … nowadays i also dont bother explaining or reasoning to my customers because they only want to hear things that they like to hear …

  • Huey

    Haha! Funny how people are so easily ‘brain-washed’ by all the commercials and false assumptions (perhaps also laziness). Kibbles didn’t exist until relatively recent, compared to how long dogs (and cats) have been with human. I wonder if these people know how to read the ingredient labels. If they do, they should realise how many of them have animal by-products in them.

    It’s just simple theory. Is it possible for a human to eat biscuits (albeit made using organically grown vegetables, free range chicken and eggs, added calcium, vitamins, minerals, and oils) and stay healthy the entire life?

    • chankahyein

      Actually, Huey, biscuits is not a very good comparison. At least human-grade biscuits have slightly better ingredients. I was told even many so-called reputable brands of kibble contain road-kill and other frightening ingredients. Sometimes, it contains the remains of euthanised animals, and the drug is still present in the food. Now, is that scary or what?

      • Huey

        Oh I meant if only eat that biscuits for the entire life. As in solely relying on that biscuit itself, like how those owners feed their animals.

        Oh yes, I’ve heard of that too. It’s just so easily labeled as ‘animal by-products’ and ‘meat meal’, and most people won’t question the source.

  • melle

    I face the same situation too.

    In the past, when asked what I feed my cat, I’d reply, “Raw food – chicken alternate with beef and when I’m not free – Addiction kibbles.” The reactions I’ve gotten are looks of disgust, being told that my cat will get worms, die faster, fall sick, I’m killing my cat, etc.

    One day, I wonder why I’m not asked if I’ve done my research on feeding raw and why I’m feeding them raw. I was never given chance to explain. So, I’ve simply stopped telling people I feed my cat raw.

    To each to their own, I’d say.

  • CS Lim

    Andi Brown’s signature recipe looks delicious to me. I don’t even eat that well.