Tinsel, cat for adoption (Terry Saw’s)

From Terry (terencesaw@gmail.com):

This is Tinsel. He’s about 3 years old, male orange cat with a slight
crook in his tail. He’s neutered but may need to go for vaccination.

Tinsel’s story is unique. He first came to me after a rescuer picked
him off the streets and asked me to foster him. During this time, he
made friends with my dog.

A couple first adopted him, but after a week they returned him
because the wife was allergic to cats.

A couple eventually adopted him and he grew up in that household,
often roaming the streets on his own. He likes his space. One day the
couple announced that they will be leaving the country, so Tinsel was
now left without a home.

Fortunately for him, a nice young lady decided to take him in. He got
along well with her cat and for a while things were finally looking
good for Tinsel. In fact, his new owner constantly told me how much
she liked having him around and did a lot of things to make him feel
at home.

But this was short-lived. The new owner’s housemates didn’t approve of
Tinsel and this caused some domestic disputes. So to be fair to the
others, Tinsel, being the newcomer in the home, would have to leave.

Now, I’m writing on behalf of Tinsel and his current owner hoping that
someone out there would be able to finally give him a forever home.
Tinsel has roamed the streets long enough, leading a nomadic life, not
knowing where he’ll go next. Perhaps there will finally be a place for
him. If there is, would it be your home?

I did the adoption of Tinsel with Terry the second round where Tinsel was returned after a week.

This next adoption, would be his fifth.

We hope we will eventually be able to find a forever home for Tinsel.

If you can help, please contact Terry directly at his email above.

Thank you.


8 comments to Tinsel, cat for adoption (Terry Saw’s)

  • melle

    Such a beautiful kitty.

    I adopted 2 cats from Terry a few years back. One has passed on recently and I’m still grieving over the loss. My other cat has been having rashes since her kitty companion passed away- which vet attributed to emotional stress.

    Would love to adopt this ginger kitty but am still dealing with the loss of my lovely cat. Hope this kitty goes to a good home.

  • Terry Saw

    Hi Melle,

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat.

    I’m sorry, but I don’t quite recall which two cats you adopted from me. Can you please help refresh my memory?


  • Boekhren

    Hi, i would love to adopt terry!!! I have another another stray male cat neutered since 3 months old… Do you its okay to have two male together. Is terry territoril type? Apparently mine is not

  • Hi, we are interested and has sent u an email. kindly check. if it’s not there maybe at spam box. tq 😉

  • eh actually we sent to terencesaw@gmail.com (terry).