10 packs of dogfood for Kelly and Jacinta’s dogs (Ipoh)

On 1st April, we sponsored 10 packs of dogfood for Kelly and Jacinta’s dogs from our Food Fund.

Kelly and Jacinta’s main shelter is in Tanjong Rambutan, and over in Ipoh, they have a smaller shelter and Kelly also feeds many strays in the vicinity.

Our volunteer visited their main shelter last month and was impressed with how well the dogs are looked after.


Their dogs are all spayed-neutered and vaccinated; sick dogs are treated at the vet’s. We are currently helping them with food subsidy and also the vaccination and spay-neuter of 9 new puppies that were dumped at their gates.

After managing her own shelter in Tanjong Rambutan in the daytime, Kelly goes on her rounds to feed the strays in the vicinity of a church in Ipoh. Even these strays have been spayed-neutered, sponsored by a good samaritan.

For their 100 over dogs, they need 2 packs of dogfood per day, on top of the delicious chicken stew that Kelly cooks every morning at the shelter (with fresh kampong chicken from the market).

Both Kelly and Jacinta called on the same afternoon to express their thanks to all donors and they wish all of us (and our families) the very best of health.

 A previous photo of Kelly at the shelter in Tanjong Rambutan.

If you’d like to help Kelly and Jacinta’s dogs on a personal basis, Jacinta’s bank account details are below:

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As Jacinta does not have convenient access to internet facilities (only at lunch hour at work), you may wish to forward your contribution details to me so that I can inform them.

If you prefer to contribute to our Food Fund specifically for Kelly and Jacinta’s dogs, please bank-in your contributions to our society bank account and follow-up with an email to http://myanimalcare.org/contact/ (please state that it is for Kelly and Jacinta’s dogs). We will pool the contributions for the next installment of dogfood donation for their dogs.

Jacinta has a day job while Kelly devotes the whole day to looking after their dogs. Kelly recently sold her house to raise funds for the maintenance of their dogs and the shelter.