Dogfood fundraising for Meiji’s 134 dogs

I spoke with Meiji today, and asked how much dogfood she has left. She says she only has enough for another 3 more weeks.

It is the rainy season and the income from rubber-tapping is not enough to supplement the expenses for the sanctuary.

Our call to Sponsor-a-Dog for RM50 at her sanctuary has not been successful:

For 134 dogs, Meiji needs 40kg of dogfood per day, that would be about 2 packs (of 20kg) per day, supplemented with rice.

Previously, when we did large-scale fundraising for dogfood for her, it would be 100 packs and that would only last (stretching to the limit) 2 months. I asked if there are other organisations helping her, she said there is none so far. She relies on rubber-tapping and the occasional donation from well-wishers, which she saves up to purchase rice for the dogs. She lives an extremely austere life, giving all she has for the sanctuary.

To help her and her dogs, we are organising another round of dogfood donation and will be purchasing Sportmix dogfood.

If you would like to help out to feed her dogs, please bank-in your donation, and follow-up with an email to to let me know the amount.

It would also help if you know dogfood suppliers that might be interested to donate some dogfood to Meiji. Meiji’s jeep is able to take about 200kg of dogfood per trip (taking into consideration that the terrain uphill to her sanctuary is very rough and steep). She doesn’t mind driving down to the Klang Valley to collect the supply, but let’s make it worth the trip. Previously there had been people who offered to donate rice to her. She would drive all the way to wherever it was only to find that it was two bags of rice.

About Meiji:

Thank you very much.

The closing date for this round of fundraising: Wednesday, 11th April, 2012.

Some photos taken during our previous visits:




 Meiji’s dogs are all spayed-neutered, vaccinated and medically treated when ill. She drives them down, all the way from Raub, to UPM’s vet hospital for treatment.