Kuchai Avenue dogs neutered, both doing well

Just received news from PAWS that both the Kuchai Avenue dogs have been neutered. The surgeries went well, and both are doing fine. We’re really happy to hear this.

The “couple” will be monitored for another day, and if no complications arise, arrangements will be made to send them back to the petstore owner who will look after them, probably on Friday.

All’s well that ends well now. No unwanted puppies from this couple.

Have also spoken to Ms Phong who will advise the petstore owner on vaccination. That would be his choice and decision. Apparently, these are the only two dogs in the area. No other strays had been spotted. These dogs, as examined by our vet yesterday, appear to be in tip-top condition.






5 responses to “Kuchai Avenue dogs neutered, both doing well”

  1. Chen

    We can call the male dog Kuchai and the female dog Avenue.

  2. Maneki Neko

    Chen, LOL! Avenue is such an elegant and feminine-sounding name. Perfect!

    It sounds like these two pups have found the best possible circumstances, with a whole host of people stepping forward to support them in various ways. Three cheers to everyone who contributed to this success! 🙂

    1. chankahyein

      Ahh…but they are already known as Ah Wong Boy and Ah Wong Girl by the community who looks after them! LOL!

  3. Bernice

    A furkid by any other name…Is still loved and loved and loved 🙂 Thank you to all who has helped make this a happy story.

  4. Connie

    Just finished reading about Kuchai Avenue ‘s Ah Wong Boy & Ah Wong Girl. Very dramatic yet indeed very happy story. Nicey!!