Kuchai Avenue dogs going home now!

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/04/18/kuchai-avenue-dogs-neutered-both-doing-well/

Ah Wong Girl and Ah Wong Boy have recovered very well from their neutering and are now being treated with the best dog shampoo for allergy sufferers along with healthy food. They are now on the way home to Ehen and Bee, the petstore owners who look after them.

Ms Phong has informed the petstore owners and they are expecting the dogs.




 Ah Boy in.



 Ah Girl in.

 Bye, and have a great life back home.

Thank you, PAWS.

And thank you, Martin Lui, for sponsoring the neutering of both dogs at PAWS.

For the past few days ever since they were taken away to be “treated” (when we thought Ah Wong Girl needed treatment for the bruises) and later, to be neutered, I was worried. Worried because they have a caregiver and here, we took them for neutering knowing that neutering is a surgical procedure with risks, and even the best vets cannot ensure any surgical procedure would be 100% safe.

The fact that Ah Wong is a cryptochid got me worried as well. And even in normal cases, there are cases where the animal dies after the surgery due to some congenital undetected problem. That is why our vet (as negative sounding as it is) will tell his clients all the possible causes where the pet might die on the table – allergy to anaesthesia, undetected health problems, etc. I think he always has his list of five possible causes for males and I cannot remember how many for females and sometimes the clients would freak out totally, but the truth has to be told.

So, I’m REALLY glad everything went well.


During the days when we fully sponsored neutering at our panel vets, imagine what I went through each time an animal came under us for the procedure. I must have aged considerably then! Call before, call after, call later, call the next day – is the animal okay?

Those were the days.