Puppies for adoption (later) (Edward Lee’s)

This is from Edward Lee (eduardo.lee@gmail.com):

Dear Dr Chan

I found 6 new born puppies in the empty lot next to my office. I called PAWS & was told the best thing to do now is to leave it to the mother to care for them. I will check on the pups regularly. I will also try to feed the mother dog which is around.

Can you please help put out words if anyone would like to provide a home to these pups when they are slightly older.

I also would not mind sponsoring in full the cost of spaying the mother dog if someone can help me trap it.

Thanks & regards

Please contact Edward Lee at his email above if you are interested in adopting any of these puppies when they are of age.



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  • lola lim

    hi, i’m interested to take up the puppies. may i know where the location? u can reach me by ths number 0122726469