More donations for Kamaruzaman’s cat, Kucing


It is so heartening to note that 3 readers have written in expressing interest to help Kamaruzaman’s cat, Kucing and to help Kamaruzaman with his share of the bill.

We wish to thank Elyzha, Cassie Fernandez and Sherlyn Low for their very kind and generous intentions in wanting to donate specially for this case. Kindly bank-in your donations to our bank account and we will forward all to the vet.

When the bill is finally ready, we will bank-in our 50% pledge plus all the extra donations from readers to the clinic’s account.

Before the surgery, the vet estimates the surgery cost to be between RM700 and RM800, but we do not know the final bill yet.

This is the first time we are working together in this manner with a vet and it brings our motto, “Working together with for the Animals” to a more meaningful level.

We hope more vets will work together in this way.

The vet is doing the neutering FOC and also contributing his share to the total bill.

Thank you very much, doctor, for your initiative and kindness.

Meanwhile, Kucing is doing well. We wish Kucing a speedy recovery and thank Kamaruzaman for doing the loving and needful thing for Kucing despite his own disability (Kamaruzaman is disabled and only has one leg).

It is a good day!



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