My books distributed in Penang, by PASS

PASS is a proposed no-kill animal sanctuary in Penang. Huey is one of their members and she has been distributing my books at their booths.

Recently, they had an event.

Huey writes:

Hi Dr Chan.

Just an update on the book distribution on my side. PASS is having Let’s Dance for Love Charity Dinner and Dance tonight at Bayview Beach Resort (Penang) and I brought over some of your books (3 titles) for distribution too. Here are some photos. They were all taken by the time I left (before the dinner started). 🙂

– Huey

Thank you, Huey.

Of the 7 books I’ve written (all available for free download here:, 4 are about kindness to animals, ie. Pawprints on My Heart, Indy Jones & and 4 Pillars of Kindness, See you at Rainbow Bridge and Do we have a Choice.

The “See you at Rainbow Bridge” book has run out now and there were many enquiries for the book at our Wesak Booth yesterday. Some came saying the book has helped them deal with the loss of their pets and they would like to give the book to friends who were facing the same situation.

“See you at Rainbow Bridge” is in colour and it is the thickest book, hence, the printing cost is higher. I’m thinking of reprinting it in black and white, but previously, someone reprinted Pawprints in black and white, and it wasn’t attractive as the impact was lost when the photos are not in colour.

Many people are also not into e-books yet, so the hardcopy still has its place in our reading public.

On another note, my latest book on caring for street animals has been sent for layout work now. It may take 1-2 months before it can go to print. Updates later.

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