Our Education Fund

In conjunction with the month of May where we celebrate the founding of AnimalCare and its registration as a society, we are pleased to announce the launching of an Education Fund within the AnimalCare Fund.

Currently, we have our Medical Fund which takes up the bulk of the donations as it covers all our subsidies for neutering and medical treatment. We also have a Food Fund where we are helping six caregivers with petfood for the animals under their care (Meiji, Pak Din, Mr Low Hong Hang, Kelly Tan, Jacinta Emmanuel and Maslinda Abd Talib). We also have a Disaster Relief Fund where we have donated to two natural calamities (the Japanese tsunami and the Thai floods, to organisations involved in helping the animals affected by the disasters).

However, as much as we provide financial assistance in the form of neutering and medical subsidies, petfood and other monetary assistance, there is a great need for education. It is through education that people’s mindsets can be changed. Without education, rescuers and caregivers will continue helping animals but the rest who are oblivious, ignorant or nonchalant to the plight of street animals, will likely remain where they are. At the end of the day, the pool of people who do compassionate work for street animals will not expand.

Thus, education is the key to change.

As such, our committee, members and volunteers have all unanimously agreed that there is a need to start an Education Fund. This fund, for now, will cover the four animal books I have written (Pawprints on My Heart, Indy Jones & the 4 Pillars of Kindness, See you at Rainbow Bridge, Do We have a Choice) which are printed and distributed free of charge to the public. These books will remain as free books and future reprints will be funded through our Education Fund, initiated by fundraising through the blog. Perhaps later, if the need arises, the Education Fund can also include other educational materials such as posters, brochures, banners, CDs or DVDs, etc. though there are no immediate plans for such yet.

I started writing books on my caregiving work in 2008, and that was before I started AnimalCare.

AnimalCare was also intended to be only an educational platform, but it ended up being started as a medical fund because there was a need to provide financial assistance to encourage people to take care of the street animals.

Having helped more than 1900 animals and their caregivers, and seeing how our work has encouraged many of our blog readers to take up the task of looking after street animals, we feel it is time to place equal emphasis on our original aim, which is also one of our 3 missions, ie. to cultivate compassion to animals through education.

Mission: http://myanimalcare.org/mission/

Previously I raised funds on my own for the printing and all reprints of my books. But now that the books support the work of AnimalCare and is inline with our mission, and they are also distributed at all our events, it thus makes sense to put the books under AnimalCare so that it can continue to support our work on education.

With the launching of our Education Fund, donations received through our well-wishers and through our tshirt sales will be channeled to four funds now, with the bulk still directed to our Medical Fund since that is where the money is most needed. Money is only channeled into the Food Fund, Education Fund and Disaster Relief Fund as and when it is needed.

In our last financial year, 70% went to the Medical Fund, 27% to the Food Fund and 3% to Disaster Relief.

As for this new Education Fund which now only covers the four animal books, whenever any of the books is in need of a reprint, we will do fundraising through the blog first so that our readers who wish to contribute may do so, and we will top up the required sum from the Education Fund.

Actually, we already have some readers who have donated towards the printing of my new and latest book, entitled “Here for a Reason”, which is bilingual (English and Chinese) and has a cartoon section for children, and we also have readers who have requested for books, and in return, have donated towards future reprints.  All these monies will now go into the Education Fund.

We welcome your views on this new fund as the donations come from all of you and our educational  materials will also go back to the public. All educational materials will be given out free.

Thank you for your continuous generous support.

Little by little, step by step, we aim to make a positive difference to the wellbeing of street animals.

2 comments to Our Education Fund

  • Sandra Espinoza

    I love animals and would love to help them i would like to know how may i get in education for a veterinary assistant. Please if you can send me information.
    thank you!

    • chankahyein

      I’m sorry but our Education Fund is for the printing of educational materials on kindness to animals. You may wish to check the internet for information regarding courses. All the best!