“Here for a Reason”, my next book!

At long last, the comic book that I started 3 years ago has now finally gone for layout. Thanks to the delay in looking for an artist to complete the drawings (that is how hard it is to look for an artist who is willing to continue the work), I have expanded the book, with the experience gleaned from 3 years of running AnimalCare, to make it a more complete guidebook for children, their parents and everyone.

The most exciting part is that the book is bilingual (English and Chinese) and it is my hope that with the Chinese translation, the message of CNRM can reach out to a much wider audience.

The title of the book is “Here for a Reason”.

I wish to thank the following persons for making the book possible:

Mdm Cheah Gaik Kew, for her excellent translation work (into Chinese).

Thye Kit, for his beautiful drawings which captured all the expressions I wanted in each page, and Alex Kam, for wrapping up the illustration work and adding in the missing pieces.

Angeline Thong, for contributing the cover, all the way from San Francisco!

Chun Huey and Dr Choong Kam Foong, for proofreading the book.

I also wish to thank the following donors for contributing generously towards the printing of the book:

(IMO = In Memory Of)

IMO Mr Yim Thye Kow
IMO Mdm Teh See Wee
IMO Mdm Tan Sew Eng
IMO Mdm Ng Moi Lean
IMO Mr Phang Ah Keong
IMO Baloo Bluey
Ho Yuen Foon & Mother
Antara Optima Sdn Bhd
SK Yeoh
Lim Yan Pok
Irene Ang
Participants of the Dhamma Speakers Training Programme 2011
Judy Chua
Szetoo Yu Ming & Family
YB Hannah Yeoh, ADUN of Subang Jaya
Anonymous Donors

The donations received is sufficient and it is now closed.

Here is a sneak preview of the draft (before layout) of 3 pages in Part One (the children’s section):



The layout, as always, takes longer than the writing itself (!), so the earliest the book can be printed would be July (with lots of luck).

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