Speaking with Kak Yam, cat-rescuer from Muar

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/05/15/kak-yam-cat-rescuer-and-caregiver-in-muar-johor/

Kak Yam called this afternoon and we had a long chat on the phone. She told me a lot about the rescue work that she does. To cut a long story short, Kak Yam works at the welfare department in Muar and here’s a heartening piece of news. Her boss is also an animal-lover and they have a special room in the Warga Mas (senior citizens) section which is used to neuter cats. Isn’t that nice? So, Kak Yam brings in the cats from the streets and they are neutered there.

According to Kak Yam, Noah’s Ark has helped her a lot with the neutering and she is very thankful.

Currently, Kak Yam is looking after 11 cats in her home, and many more out there on the streets of Muar. She told me the exact number in specific areas, like at a certain junction, in certain housing areas, etc. All in all, it must be tens and tens of cats, mostly living on the streets, which Kak Yam would endeavour to neuter and return to colony. She also goes out to feed them twice daily.

She says it all started with people dumping newborn kittens in plastic bags at her staircase. Initially she sought the help of Noah’s Ark and she could not cope at all and thought it better to have them euthanised, but Noah’s Ark, being a no-kill sanctuary, emphasised that all lives are precious and they deserve a chance to live. So, Noah’s Ark helped her take in those kittens.

That started Kak Yam on her mission to help the street cats. She is also helping some dogs now.

I asked her what help she needs at the moment. She says it is only food subsidy because the neutering is taken care of by Noah’s Ark.

Kak Yam is also assisting another lady who also takes care of street animals. So, she would help this lady out as well with the food subsidy that we provide.

I have asked for photographs of her cats, so we shall wait for that. Kak Yam is not computer-savvy, but she says she will get her daughter to do the emailing for her.

For food subsidy, we have another form to be filled up, and it is subject to approval by our committee. Talk about “stringent conditions” (!), we do have stringent conditions for those who apply for food subsidy. Otherwise, we would have closed shop a long time ago!

Previously, some rescuers have called up asking for food subsidy, but they did not even get to the part of emailing me for the form, let alone send me photographs. Without their particulars, we cannot process their application.







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  1. melle

    Would love to see photos of Kak Yam feeding her street cats.