Oh gosh…who would do such a thing?? (Shaidatul’Aini Mohd Shaari’s)

We think we’ve seen them all, but no…(this is a case from Johor):

From: Shaidatul’Aini Mohd. Shaari <shazshera@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Subject: Help for Karat
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Dr. Chan,
I am writing to you to request assistance in applying for the neutering subsidy and medical fund.
For the past few months I have been feeding food to 2 stray male cats at my house, well actually they demand I feed them ( not to the liking of my neighbours, they spray a lot :))  One of them reminds me of your Mr. G.  His name is Karat.
Unfortunately this evening while trying to get him away from under my car I saw his balls are being tied up with strings. I  do not know whether he got his balls tied up accidently or some very “nice people” did it to him. However I do not think I can untie it or clip it off as I think it is tied tightly around his ball.  I might injure him.  You can see his pictures as attached.
Therefore, I am taking him to the vet to untie it or do whatever is neccessary to it.  At the same time I was thinking of neutering him as he is one of the king of cats for two taman here.
Please let me know if I can apply for the subsidy and from the medical fund.
Thank you.
Shaidatul Aini

Poor, poor cat. Of course we will help with the neutering cost and whatever treatment is required. I’ve replied and advised Shaidatul not to delay seeking a vet tomorrow.I hope Karat the Cat will be alright.

UPDATES at 10.30am, 22nd May:

From Shaidatul:

Hi Kah Yein,
Fed Karat at 6.15 this morning & managed to lure him into my kittens’ cage.  He is fasting now, I can safely say since 7 am.  Is “singing” his heart out in the cage & I am sure incurring wrath with my neighbours since one has a newborn & another works with security on night shifts.:-&lt sigh
Will be checking on the availability of the nearest vet, if yes, will be going there at 10 (that’s when they are opened). The next nearest vets that I am familiar with is about 40 mins away & govn vet clinic about 50 mins away.
Wish us luck.
UPDATES at 12.26pm, from Shaidatul:
Hi Kah Yein,
Just came back from the vet.  Alhamdulillah, Karat’s condition is fine.  :) happy He was very accomodative at the vet, probably the vet is cute. ;) wink  Me thinks he was too tired & thirsty.  The weather is  super hot today.
Actually his balls were tied up with a girl’s hair rubberband hence the blue colour.  According to the vet it could’t have been done by adults as the rubberband was tied twice & not so tight.  An adult would have tied tighter.  The person/s who did this must have be on friendly terms with Karat to be able to touch his balls.
Fortunately the balls could be saved, it is still pink in colour.   She asked me what next, I told her to proceed with neutering as it could also be the intention of the person who tied Karats’ balls. Sorry no photos, didn’t have my camera with me.
I told her about I am getting subsidies for the neutering & medical fees.  I also told her about the CNRM programme.   Now get this, she told me she is not going to charge for the medical fees except for the neuter.  This will include bathing, flea treatment & whatever she deems necessary at the moment.  I can’t believe this but I think I will after I see the bills this evening.  If it does happen,  I believe this is the answer to our prayers for Karat.
The handsome boy will be neutered this afternoon after his bath.  & the vet offered to take photos of Karat after that & offered to advertise him for adoption.  I’ve yet to answer this as I am curious if the person who did this to Karat is actually his owner.  Nobody has yet claimed ownership (been asking around).  Hence the stray label. Then again his rounds covers two taman, large area.  He also makes regular food stops at my house every day and often seen “lepaking” with my cats.  I’ve got neighbours thinking that Karat is actually my cat. I’ll cross that bridge later.
Right now, lets hope his surgery goes smoothly & the vet honours her words.  If this does really happen (the bills), I will only be claiming for neutering. Hoping to get my camera back this evening & take photos of Karat after the surgery.  BTW the vet estimated that Karat’s age is 1 year plus or 2 at most.
Bless Shaidatul, bless the kind vet, and bless Karat the Cat!We are so relieved that Karat is fine. Now, let’s send positive vibes to Karat for a successful and safe neutering surgery. We are subsidising.

8 comments to Oh gosh…who would do such a thing?? (Shaidatul’Aini Mohd Shaari’s)

  • claire

    this is sickening =(

  • Bernice

    EVIL!! We’re surrounded by evil humans everywhere….Their day will come. Am sending positive thoughts to Karat, hope the poor boy comes out of this ordeal ok.

  • Connie


  • Joy E. Saga

    I have heard but never seen, that the ‘kampung’ style of neutering (in the absence of a vet) is that they will tie a rubber band round the balls, cutting off blood supply and when the balls is ‘dead’ it will fall off. It must be very painful and uncomfortable for the cat. Poor Karat! Thanks for saving him Shaidatul’Aini!

  • I’ve heard of it being done in my kampung too.
    I don’t think it works. I remember hearing cats dying from it.

  • nhazzla ismail

    The tying of the balls was actually a method used by irrational and ill-hearted people to make sure that the balls dropped off. the blood vessels will be cut off and the balls will shrink and fall off. Its the inhumane way of “neutering” a cat without having to pay a single cent.

  • Devi Narayanan

    Mentally ill people. What a painful act.