Yes, it’s going to be a long, long night with Cow

Cow just tore off his e-collar.

 I witnessed the whole thing. He scratched and simply tore the thing off.

 Then he started licking his paw.

Sigh…it’s always doubly hard to manage Cow because he simply hates having anything foreign done to him.

 Managed to put the collar back, but for how long?

If he tears it off again in the middle of the night and licks his paw, it is not going to get well and the chances of it getting infected would be higher.

But how do you tell a cow what he should do?

He is mewing non-stop now. I let him out twice just now and all he wanted to do was to go to the grass, which is forbidden as the wound is still very raw. He should have no contact with any soil at all.

Yes, it’s going to be a very long night….

Updates at 10.20pm:

Cow wouldn’t stop mewing, and it is getting late; I was worried the mewing would disturb the neighbours, so I had to let him out.

He started darting round and round the room, and he wanted very much to go out. But I had closed the grille to the back. Cow kept banging the e-collar on the grille as the collar was preventing him from going out through the grille. Soon he got angry and wanted to tear out the collar again. I quickly closed the door.

He had toppled over the water bowl and I had to clean up the floor.

When I got back from the kitchen…

 Cow was up on the bench with brother Bunny.

I thought that was nice.

But soon, he got restless and started going round the room again.

 Now he has settled in one of the baskets.

I hope he (and I!) can get some rest soon.

4 comments to Yes, it’s going to be a long, long night with Cow

  • Sandra

    Cow! Cow! Cow! Be a good boy now and get well soon 🙂

  • Bern

    Good night Cow…Be good and have some shut eye now…Both you and your mommy needs it. Get well soon ya. Sending u love and warm thoughts.

  • Hi Kah Yein

    I too have a cat, who has a non-healing wound – it’s been 6 months but thankfully, it’s getting smaller (finally!), but it still there …. we will get there … hopefully soon.
    He’s been on and off the e-collar. I truly understand your predicament.

    Cow, here’s sending healing prayers and purrs over to you. Get well soon!

  • Yen Ling

    Get well soon, Cow! Be good and once you are OKAY you can resume your usual ‘roles’ and ‘routines’.