Dogfood fundraising for Meiji’s 139 dogs

Meiji texted me today to say that she only has enough dogfood supply to last for another 20 days or so. She is currently looking after 139 dogs. There was a new female dog dumped at her sanctuary recently and the dog gave birth to a few puppies. Meiji has got some of the puppies adopted already.

Meiji single-handedly looks after all the dogs at her sanctuary in Raub. Her only income is from rubber-tapping and she leads a very frugal and austere life up on the hills, spending all her time looking after these dogs. Every sick dog is brought down to KL for treatment and we help her with our medical subsidies. Except for a few newly abandoned dogs, most of her dogs are elderly and above 7-8 years old. These dogs are more prone to illnesses and medical bills take a toll on Meiji every month. Her latest medical cases are one with heartworm and another recently rescued dog with vertebrae fracture and spinal compression which requires daily special care.

Meiji says that she needs 2 bags of food per day. Instead of ordering in bulk and getting a lorry to transport the food up and dropping off the food at the foothills as we had done previously, we are doing it differently now. Meiji says she prefers to come down here to collect 15 bags of food per trip.  So, we will have an ongoing donation drive to purchase dogfood for Meiji on a regular basis and she will do the collection herself. It would also save us the problem of looking for a lorry.

If you would like to contribute to purchase dogfood for Meiji, please bank in your donations to our Society account and follow up with an email to

We have arranged for the first 15 bags of dogfood sponsored from whatever we have collected now and from our Food Fund. Meiji will collect this first batch soon.

Thank you very much.

Here are some photos sent by Meiji from Raub.


 These dogs are the happiest I’ve ever seen in any sanctuary.

Each dog has a name, and Meiji is able to tell you the entire history of the dog.

They are very well looked after and much loved.

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