Ongoing dogfood fundraising for Meiji’s 139 dogs; No deadlines anymore

I spoke with Meiji today and she says she needs 2 bags of food per day for all her dogs. Previously, we had been doing our “massive” fundraising every 2 months, collecting about RM8000 each time and purchasing dogfood in bulk for her. Then, we had to source for a lorry to transport the food up.

The lorry could only unload the dogfood at the foothills and Meiji would then have to make about 8 trips up and down the hill to ferry the food up to her sanctuary. In the previous batch of food, it rained unexpectedly, some of the food got wet and Meiji had to quickly use those up.

To prevent all these problems, we have now made arrangements for Meiji to collect 15 bags of food per trip from a supplier nearer to her. Meiji also prefers this arrangement as she can collect it at her convenience and when she needs it. 300kg is the load that her jeep can take (that would be about 15 bags).

We have now arranged for the first batch of 15 bags of dogfood, but this round, it would be from another supplier.

This batch is sponsored by our Food Fund and the following donors: Khoo Ming-Yi, Ryan Koo, Chan Kam Loon, Mong Looi, Chong Yin Mei, Yee Hwei Lin, Eddy Lim, Corinne Tan and a reader in memory of her cats, Orange Boy, Socks, Elmo, Otis, Bella, Harry Boy, Requeim, St. Coppertone, Lady Grey, Belle’s Mama, St. Dogsire, Spoty Hachiko, G-Boy, Boy-Grey, Mister Tux, Leroy.

With this new arrangement now, dogfood fundraising for Meiji will be ongoing. If you would like to contribute to purchase dogfood for Meiji, please bank in your donations and follow up with an email to

Thank you.