Please pray for Caramel the Cat (Nurul Ain Mohd Kamal’s)

This is a request from a reader, Nurul Ain. Her cat was injured and needs all the prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Nurul Ain Binti Mohd Kamal

Hi Dr Chan,

I am a loyal reader of your blog. I loved your stories on how you deal
with your brood, especially about SuperTabs. She’s a sweetheart.

I have a brood of my own, not as many as yours, but cats tend to come
to my house (as if they know its the right place to go if they are
hungry), and I feed them and love them as much as I could.

One of the cats that my mom rescued, Caramel (or Mel as we called her)
was hit by a car today. I think my heart stopped for a minute when I
found out about it. I sent her as fast as I could to the nearest vet.
She is a fighter, that girl. Even though i’m sure she’s in pain, she
walks around the clinic as if she owned the place.

the doctor told me that her intestine (usus? if i heard it right) is
pushed out of her body during the accident (okay, i’m not very sure
about the medical explanation for this) you can see from the attached
pictures. So she is warded as the doctor wants to observe her for 24
hours before operating on her (tomorrow afternoon).

I am praying very hard that she IS a fighter and will make it through
the night. When i visit her just now she’s meow-ing very very loudly,
as if she’s asking me to let her out and she wants to come home. its a
good sign, right?

Please pray for her, as well.  She’s only been with us for a couple of
months but we all love her dearly.

 Caramel at the vet’s.


 Caramel, when first rescued and two-and-a-half months later.


5 comments to Please pray for Caramel the Cat (Nurul Ain Mohd Kamal’s)

  • lynn yap

    Dear Nurul,

    Praying for Mel to get through this and a successful operation tomorrow! Fight on, Mel!

  • ain

    hi dr chan,

    i went to the clinic, the doctor said that her diaphragm is broken, and he said that no surgery is needed, he gave some asthma pills to ease breathing, some painkiller cream for its anus and he said she only has a 50-50 chance that the diaphragm may heal on its own. he said that either it will heal or Mel might die or Mel might be having difficulty in breathing for the rest of her life, which he suggested that we put Mel to sleep which is a big No No for me. should i get a second opinion?

  • azura

    caramel, be strong and I pray for your swift recovery. May God bless you n the family.

  • Devi Narayanan

    Oh god, please heal this poor kitty.