Updates from Imm’s Shelter

Here are some updates from Imm’s Shelter, from Perak:

The Shelter has improved a lot during the past year. The cats and dogs are able to receive a lot more attention.  Thanks to the volunteers in Ipoh who come to the shelter to give the dogs baths and help clean the cats.  The sick ones are taken to the vets and those that need further care and attention are fostered by our Ipoh volunteers in their homes.  This year we managed to vaccinate most of the dogs.  We hope to get the remaining four vaccinated this month..

Helping animals is a long process and does not seem to end.  In early February,  I found a box of new born kittens left outside the shelter, there were 10 of them, I took them home, hand fed them but only 5 survived.  These 5 are very healthy. They have been vaccinated and neutered but unable to find homes for them.  So the number of cats have not decreased even though a few have passed on.  Attached below are pictures of the 5 kittens taken yesterday.  The surviving kittens are now 5 months old.  They are in my home.

I like to thank you very much for helping me to help the stray dogs and cats.  I hope you will continue to support them as the shelter funds is slowly decreasing.  A lot of it has gone to pay vet fees.  Many of the cats and dogs at the shelter are senior citizens and are more susceptible to ailments.   I hope all of us can do a bit to help our 54 furry friends (27 dogs, 24 cats, 5 kittens) live out their lives in a safe and loving environment.

Kind Regards








  • Tabitha  (feline leukemia test & treatment)             RM136
  • Mindy (colon infection, tmt & bd)                               350
  • Tiffany  (flu tmt & bd)                                                130
  • Kong-kong (flu tmt & bd)                                          140
  • Puff (fever, wound bottom, tmt & bd)                           60
  • Antibiotics (Timmy & Mork)                                          5
  • Spay/neuter 5 kittens (2F, 3M)                                  440

Total vet charges for cats                              RM1,261

Vet charges etc  for dogs in June was RM530 included vaccinations for 20 dogs, treatment for Tammy (toe wound), and purchase of  distec and anti-bacterial shampoo.


Ever since our one-time fund-raising in March/April 2011 for Imm, she has not needed financial help as there were several regular donors who gave their generous support through the many months that followed. But funds are decreasing now, so if you would like to help Imm and her animals, here is her account no:

Oei Phaik Imm

Email: <removed>

We have repeatedly offered our medical subsidy for neutering and medical treatment but Judy (who helps Imm with the shelter) said they could still manage with whatever they had. Since funds are running low now, they would take up our offer from now on.






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  1. PC Leong

    Thanks KY. I am sure there are many generous souls out there who would like to help these poor cats & dogs. Syabas!!

    I will start the ball rolling with RM 1,000 …..