Spaying sponsorship for 4 female cats (Noraini Suriya Mohd Arshad’s)

We have fully sponsored RM320 for the spaying of 4 female cats (done at Klinik Kembiri).



A humble regards from me,

I just want to ask about the subsidy (Spay & Neuter for cats)
program. Actually,this is my first time writing to anyone to ask fund and helps
for my adopted stray cats. I’m so sorry if the request will burden
anyone perhaps.

I started to adopt these stray cats since 2011 and until today, there
are 21 stray cats adopted from the street. Latest is 1male kitten
(adopted last week),found by a friend of mine at his housing area and
given to me to adopt. Total are 11 male cats & 9 female cats. I only
managed to spay 1 female cat & neuter 2 male cats. I not afford to
neuter for all my adopted stray cats as the fee a bit costly for me
who work as admin assistant.
So far, i still managed to provide the basic needed to them such as
food & home.

Kindly reply me if u need additional details. I’ll provided more
details and pictures if needed.

P/S : I’m just one individual who sharing my HOME & my LOVE with them
and loving them as part of my family….  🙂

Warmest regards,
Noraini Suriya

The spaying was done on 14th July:

These four cats (the mother and her kittens), was actually taken from my old office area.
Usually, i park my car behind my office building. From there, i’ll leave few cat foods and water just beside my car. Just in case there any stray cats at that area to find food.
By time i brought the cat home, it was my last-day working at my old office.
On that evening, its was heavy raining. When i about to enter my car, slighly, i saw her at one corner.
She’s so dirty and weak.
I dont know that the cat was pregnant. When i brought her to the vet for deworm and health checking, the vet inform that she was pregnant.
In between Dec 2011, she delivered 3 kitten. All of them are now about 6month old.




Spaying Day

Below are Noraini’s other cats at her home.




5 comments to Spaying sponsorship for 4 female cats (Noraini Suriya Mohd Arshad’s)

  • BlackieAsh

    in last picture the cats look very comfy and happy 🙂 I only have 3 at home but until now my dominant cats (Blackie and Ash) still cannot get along with Grey, adopted 6 months ago 🙁

    • chankahyein

      Mine are also very “individualistic” in character. They are their own person, don’t like to socialise and keep their distance from each other. Yet they do rally together when the need arises. I was particularly touched when we moved house, brought all of them to the new house (Bunny’s Room) and the moment we opened the carriers, they all came out, checked on each other and touched noses. I could almost hear them asking each other, “Are you ok? Is everyone here?” They “rose to the occasion”!

  • cindy

    Yes. KY, I agreed what you wrote! And they also understand human moods. When I am not feeling good and stay in bed, they would come to ‘check on me’.

    I am just curious — How many cats are Noraini taking care of?

  • Devakie

    I really envy Noraini’s cats. They can really get together. What is the mantra to this. I’ve eight and have decided ‘eight is enough’. Really have to take turns to roam, otherwise star wars