Complications after spaying (Noraini Suriya Mohd Arshad’s)


Updates on 22nd July 2012:

Dr Lim from the SPCA has responded to this case. Judging from the photos, she explained that the infection could be caused during surgery (such as an immune response to surgical materials) or post-surgery due to the cat licking/biting the wound or lack of hygiene. In such cases, the owner has the option of bringing the cat back to Klinik Kembiri for follow-up treatment or if Klinik Kembiri is closed, the owner can bring the cat to the SPCA as well.

As for vets who encounter such cases from Klinik Kembiri, the SPCA would also appreciate that vets give them the feedback.

Dr Lim’s response:

Checked the photographs, and made some observations:
  • there is a swelling at spay site. This could be as a result of an immune response to foreign material (such as (i) sutures- purposefully introduced into the body or (ii)infectious agents or vehicles inadvertently introduced) that happened during surgery
  • The swelling could also be infection tracking in post-operatively. This can quite frequently as bacteria/ fungi etc are part of nature but can be minimized by cage rest and ensuring a clean environment generally for about five to seven days
  • licking can also result in redness and swelling, leading to suture breakdown.
  • owners are welcome to seek help at KK or SPCA Shelter when KK is closed. Outside of our opening hours, or for whatever reasons when both KK & Shelter vets are unreachable, other vets’ assistance may be sought
  • feedback from outside vets are most welcome, for tracking and improvement, that all parties can have clearer understanding.

The original post on 20th July 2012:

One of our readers have offered to sponsor the neutering of all of Noraini’s cats since she has so many. I conveyed this offer to Noraini and she will be making arrangements to get the rest of the cats neutered.

However, there were complications for one of the cats who were spayed earlier:

 From: nuraini suriya <>
Date: Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: Your other cats Re: Photo of the 4 cats only Re: AnimalCare Contact: Subsidy (Neuter & Spay for cats)
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hi Dr Chan,
Firstly, i would like to thank you so much for the sudsidy. I truly appreciated it…Thank you.
Still got few of them not neuter.
I’ll try to arrange appointment maybe next week only.
One of the female cat neutered last saturday showed sign of infection at her stitch wound. The stitch seem to open and swollen.
The clinic didn’t give any medication or antibiotic after done the surgery.
These few days, i only clean the wound with iodin but didn’t give them any antibiotic as the clinic didn’t prescribe me any.
Maybe tonight, i’ll bring her to vet.
I’ll update you on their recovery progress.
Warmest regards,

I advised Noraini to quickly take the cat to a vet for a check-up and follow-up treatment immediately.


From: nuraini suriya <>
Date: Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 12:55 PM
Subject: Re: Your other cats Re: Photo of the 4 cats only Re: AnimalCare Contact: Subsidy (Neuter & Spay for cats)
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,
Last night, i brought the cat to vet. Gosh, didn’t expected its hard to find vet clinic that open at night.
At last, i went to a vet clinic at Bangi. They open until 10pm.
I also brought another kitten. (there’re newly-5kitten i found on 29/06/2012 at my flat staircase)
Since last 2 days, she refuse to eat. Yesterday i noticed that she also diarrhea. So, i bring her also to the vet.
As for the neutered cat (infection at her stitch wound), the vet gave 3 option:
(i) To do another surgery to cut-out the infection and  redo the stitch (Estimated rm250++)
(ii) Go back to the first clinic and ask for their advise.
(iii) For me to do a daily wound cleaning and give prescribe antibiotic
Fow now, i’ll try to do the wound cleaning and give the prescribe antibiotic at home.
To be monitored for 3days to see the result. If worsen, i’ll bring her back to his clinic to proceed with option (i)..
Actually, the vet told me that this month only, he already received another 2 same cases neutered (female cats) from that clinic.
As for another kitten (estimated 1month old), from the simptoms (low temperature/35.5, loss appetite, weight loss, lethargy, diorrhea and the cat look very pale-like no blood circulation), the vet suspected :
(i)  Parvo virus
(ii) ‘Deman Kuning’ / Jaundise
He dont have the test kit for FPV bcoz he only recommend to do a complete blood test for this virus.(but a bit costly rm150++)
He gave 2injection of medicine and prescribe antibiotic & multivitamin.
But he also remind me to be ready for the worst as young kitten especially orphaned young kitten dont have strong immune to fight.
Sadly, this kitten didn’t survive. After the first traffic-light on way home, she started to groan and within 10minutes she’s gone.
All the way home, i felt so down. Last month, i already lost few of them. Sometimes, i just want to hug them n never let go. Really attached with each of them. 🙁
The kitten will be buried at a field nearby my house, closely with all of them.
Later, i’ll update you on their (4female cats neutered) recovery progress.Warmest regards,
Noraini suriya

We have offered our medical subsidy for Noraini’s cats including the spayed cat above. We understand that complications can happen due to various reasons and at times, follow-up treatment is needed.


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