At the Student Leader Convention, Universiti Malaya

An Indian student body from Universiti Malaya invited us to open an awareness booth at their Student Leader Convention today.

Bernice, Donovan and I were there today.

 We met with the student delegates during their half hour break time.

It appears that the idea of CNRM and even that of neutering animals as a means to control the stray animal population were all new to them. That was good – At least we’ve passed the message on to these student leaders and they will take the message back to their respective universities. A lot of books were taken, which is great.

There were many animal lovers amongst the delegates. There was even one who has a group of friends who rescue and rehome, but they don’t neuter because they did not know about its importance. Well, now, at least they do.

 The next-door booth was promoting disposable plates made from tapioca.

Yes, that’s a local environmentally friendly product, made from ubi kayu. These plates will biodegrade within 14 days after use. It is a green product to replace styrofoam and even paper plates for functions.


 The plates can also be eaten (yes, we all took a bite each!) and this green one is pandan-flavoured.

So, you can either eat up your plate after use (it tastes like wafer), or it biodegrades within 14 days and there is no contamination to the environment.

Check it out here:







One response to “At the Student Leader Convention, Universiti Malaya”

  1. For the group of friends who rescue and rehome is actually doing the most difficult part of CNRM. Rehoming and getting stray animals adopted is the most difficult part as there are many people who reluctant to take in strays into their home or under their care due to various reasons.

    Not neutering stray animals or pets maybe due to financial constraints (but there are subsidies and low cost neutering made available by the government and Ngos)or was not aware of its important or even due to cultural or personal beliefs and practicises and taboos.

    Since this group of kind friends already doing the rescue and rehoming and now that they aware of the importance and the needs of neutering they will be practicing the ‘true sense of CNRM.

    Kudos to all of you for having the courage and the taking the initiative to do what most people will stay away from i.e rehoming!Thank you for all your kindness. May you all be always be blessed!