“Here for a Reason”, presented by Baggy!

My 8th book, Here for a Reason, is finally going to the printing press after months of awaiting its turn at being typeset at the publisher. So sorry for the delay, but we had to wait for our turn.

So, here’s Baggy presenting the e-book version to all of you first!

I have uploaded the e-book here. Please share the e-book widely with your family and friends. The book is bilingual (in English with Chinese translation).

And Baggy has extracted a little picture booklet for her very young friends who prefer pictures! This is the comic portion of the book, for those who are very young.

Click here for Baggy’s Comic Book (only available in e-book).

The hardcopy of Here for a Reason should be ready in a month’s time, hopefully. We will announce it on the blog once it is ready.

For the hardcopy, we would like to thank the following donors for contributing to the printing of the first 3000 copies.

IMO Mr Yim Thye Kow; IMO Mdm Teh See Wee; IMO Mdm Tan Sew Eng; IMO Mdm Ng Moi Lean; IMO Mr Phang Ah Keong; IMO Orange Boy, Socks, Elmo, Otis, Bella, Harry Boy, Requeim, St. Coppertone (Sam’s Mom), Lady Grey, Belle’s Mama, St. Dogsire, Spoty Hachiko, G-Boy, Boy-Grey, Mister Tux, Leroy; IMO Mimi “Qoink” Mae (1995 – 2007); Ho Yuen Foon & Mother; SK Yeoh; YB Hannah Yeoh, ADUN of Subang Jaya; Antara Optima Sdn Bhd; Lim Yan Pok; Irene Ang; Judy Chua; Szetoo Yu Ming & Family; Participants of the Dhamma Speakers Training Programme 2011; Yoke Jiuan; Bobby and his Feline Friends; Two Anonymous Donors.

This donor list will appear in the hardcopy only. 







3 responses to ““Here for a Reason”, presented by Baggy!”

  1. Chen

    I like the drawings in Baggy’s comic book. Well done!

  2. Yen Ling

    🙂 Love all your books, Dr. Chan. Downloaded and currently reading both Here for a Reason and the Comic Book.

    Baggy, I’ve been reading your stories and updates. You are a fighter and can make it through. Positive qi!

  3. Sandra

    Hi Dr Chan, share your e-book link on my facebook. Hope can reach out to more people, so they can care more for the strays.